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Brood X Has Entered the Chat

It’s that time of the year (OK, it’s that time of the every 17 years): the cicadas are back! And they’re here to stay (for the next few weeks anyway). Curious to learn more about these just-a-few-times-in-a-lifetime insects? Take a look at some of the resources below. Oh! And a shout out to the HowardContinue reading “Brood X Has Entered the Chat”

Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month!

This month, we celebrate and honor the heritage and culture of our Asian American & Pacific Islanders community. We’ve curated a few of our favorite book titles for you to get empowered, learn, or escape into some wonderful fiction. Any of these listed here are available at OMHS, many of them in e-book also, soContinue reading “Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month!”

Unboxing – Jump for Joy!!

We just recently received our last book order from last school year! It was placed before the Covid-19 shut down and sat languishing in a warehouse somewhere until we could finally welcome it to our Media Center. We were overjoyed to have the chance to do one of our favorite library things together again: theContinue reading “Unboxing – Jump for Joy!!”

We’re Open for Curbside Service!

The Books are Back! Sharing books with our students and staff is one of our favorite things to do. And we’ve missed it since schools have been closed. But now, we’re back in business! The OMHS Media Center is now open for curbside service! So, if you’ve run out of books to read and haven’tContinue reading “We’re Open for Curbside Service!”

Summer Reading Wrap-Up!

During the summertime, Ms. T and I always take home overly-ambitious summer reading piles. Neither of us ever make it all the way through our “to-read” list in the summer, but it’s fun to try! This summer, in the midst of all that 2020 has thrown at us, we found ourselves struggling to enjoy booksContinue reading “Summer Reading Wrap-Up!”

Welcome! We’re new here.

Welcome to our Media Center blog! We have lots of wacky library fun in our school, and now that we’re in a virtual learning environment, we’re exploring ways to keep the access high for our colleagues and students. One of the ways we’re going to do that is to share ideas and connection opportunities here.Continue reading “Welcome! We’re new here.”