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Welcome! We’re new here.

Welcome to our Media Center blog! We have lots of wacky library fun in our school, and now that we’re in a virtual learning environment, we’re exploring ways to keep the access high for our colleagues and students. One of the ways we’re going to do that is to share ideas and connection opportunities here. We may reminisce a little about the way we used to do things and hope to again someday. There will be a lot about books. We hope you’ll enjoy this peek into what we do. 

To get to know us a little, we’ve interviewed each other about several crucial topics:

Tell me a little bit about yourself!

Ms. Trzesinski is one of OM’s media specialists. She has been working in the Media Center since 2008. Ms. Trzesinski is also a co-adviser of OM’s chapter of the National Honor Society. Her favorite genres are sci-fi and fantasy, though she has read some amazing realistic fiction recently, and is always up for a good mystery.

Mrs. Florida is the other of OM’s media specialists. I started at OM in 2005 as a Spanish teacher and moved to work in the library with Ms. T in 2015. I’m the Student Government Advisor and resident bad joke connoisseur. I love reading science fiction, fantasy, and lots of comics + manga.

What Avatar the Last Airbender character do you identify with the most?

Ms. T: I identify most with Mai. She’s a good person at heart and is there to support you when it counts. She and I both sometimes have a face that looks like we don’t want to be bothered, but it’s not true! And we may have an outwardly calm appearance, but we’re actually frantically working away behind the scenes.

Mrs. FL: I identify most with Sokka. We have a similar sense of humor (the best, lol). I work really hard to make the team’s plan happen even if adjustments are needed along the way. I’ll complain loudly if I haven’t had enough to eat, but just like trusty boomerang, I’ll have your back and always try to help out. 

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ms. T: Pizza. Hot, cold, with toppings or without (though I am partial to the plain cheese variety), it’s the perfect food. 

Mrs. FL: Definitely tacos. There’s so many varieties I could switch it up a lot and not feel like I was eating the same thing all the time. Personal favorite: tacos al pastor

What animal would you find most terrifying if it could talk?

Mrs. FL: Shoebill stork, hands-down. You know what I’m talking about. If you google “scariest bird” this is the first result. They are horrifying in a still picture, video gives me the shudders, and just the thought of one of them turning its head to look at me and say, “You shouldn’t be here” makes me want to fling my laptop across the room in terror just typing this.

You see it, right? I’m not wrong. *Shudder*

Ms. T: This is a tough one, mostly because I refuse to Google “scariest animal” which would probably just be fuel for my nightmares. 

If you could jump into a swimming pool filled with something other than water, what would it be?

Ms. T: Bubbles. In all the colors of the rainbow.

Mrs. FL: Something carbonated. I feel like it would feel neat to swim in a bubbly pool. Like root beer.  


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